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My name is Bill Wolpert.  I'm running for Petaluma City Council.  This page contains my thoughts on a wide range of topics. It is part of my ongoing goal of engaging in a productive and friendly dialog on the issues that concern us most. 

Five Days Post-Election, Hope Remains on Several Planes Bill reflects on the election, and what lies ahead. 

Let Me Introduce Myself

Setting the Facts Straight  Bill responds to the illegal and non-factual robocalls put out by the Healy/Miller/Kearney campaign about the Rainier Crossover. 

Time to GO VOTE!! Tomorrow's the day! Let's all get out and exercise our precious right to vote!

 Answers! We have the answers to yesterday's quiz!

Quiz!  Bill's assistant campaign manager Julie Cleland poses some important questions for voters? How much do YOU know? 

Getting to the Polls Voting is one of the most important things we can do as ordinary citizens. Here are Bill's thoughts on how you can assure that everyone gets the opportunity to exercise this precious right.

Talking About Eastside Issues Bill shares his thoughts on being a leader for all Petalumans, and better integrating the east and west sides of Petaluma.

The Election is Nigh!  Come watch the election returns with Bill's Campaign and friends!

Endorsement by the Democratic Party Bill discusses his endorsement by the Democratic Party.

 Step on a Crack and...Watch out for those sidewalks in the dark on Halloween!

Townhall Meeting Good governance isn’t about pulling up canned 60-second speeches on topics that been chewed upon for years. Thus, I was thrilled when it was suggested that I host a town hall meeting Tuesday evening at the Aqus Café.

Dia de los Muertos  Stepping into the Dia de los Muertos festivities is like stepping back into the embrace of my hometown. When so much of the discourse at the national level is divisive, I find I am grounded in the diversity of our ethnicity. 

What Happened to the Municipal Coffers? Bill reflects on the sorry state of Petaluma's financial reserves, and the bad decisions his opponents made that put us in this situation.

Digging Deeper into Robo Calls  Bill talks more about the questionable use of robo calls by his opponents, and rebuts the false statements they have made using this tired and bothersome old approach. 

 Of Course I Support the Rainier Connector  I’ve been accused by a robo call, paid for by my opponents, of being opposed to the Rainier Connector.  The accusation is untrue.  I believe that the Connector must play an essential role in Petaluma’s future

Bull Whippet for City Council Cy likes riding around Petaluma looking for my campaign signs.  When he spies one, he excitedly calls out “Bull Whippet!  Bull Whippet!”  It’s become my new favorite nickname!

Making Transit Cool My thoughts on Petaluma Transit!

One-and-Done is a Good Option, but I Defer to Your Wisdom Many of my supporters have been suggesting that voters use a “one-and-done” strategy. I appreciate their enthusiasm and encourage them to follow their hearts, but one-and-done is not the official position of this campaign. Here's why.

Tis the Season for Robo Calls  Over the past week, many of you have begun receiving robo calls, those pre-recorded political messages that are so inconvenient when they interrupt a meal or a family conversation. Here's what I think of them!

Checking My Environmental Credentials  A few words about my environmental record, and my endorsements from environmental groups

If You’re Not Registered to Vote, You Can’t Vote for Me or Anyone Else  Democracy is stronger when more people educate themselves and go to the polls.  Please help make democracy as strong as it can be.

What You Can Do to Help I’m working hard on my campaign.  My team is doing the same.  But there is always a need for more hands.  It takes a lot of people to win an election!  So here is what you can do to make a difference in the final three weeks

A Reading Assignment for You  Here's my rebuttal to the Argus Courier endorsement of my opponents

Argus Courier Rebuttal Coming Soon Read my thoughts on the recent endorsement of my opponents by the Argus Courier

Bill Wolpert for Petaluma City Council
40 Fourth St., Box 278
Petaluma, CA 94952
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